Muuy Biien at In Transit Records

Among many fairly interchangeable indie rock/garage bands in Athens, Georgia, Muuy Biien stands alone and bares their teeth at an otherwise complacent scene. From solo noise project to punk band, Muuy Biien has found the right amount of rope to hang themselves exactly the way they want to with their latest album, D.Y.I (Do Yourself In). What differentiates Muuy Biien from every other frenetic noise band is the obvious method to their madness, their controlled chaos, and specific instrumentation. From start to finish, D.Y.I is an intentional journey back to true punk and hardcore roots. Taking time to slow down with tracks such as Cyclothymia I and II, these songs are perfectly punctuated ambient commas on the otherwise “in your face,” but passive aggressively so, record, letting the listener know where to take a break and catch his or her breath before a song like “Virus Evolves” pops up and commands you to jump back in the pit.