50 Foot Wave: Bath White  CD/LP   (HHBTM Records)

Release date: May 27, 2016






Bio: This LA-based power trio formed in 2003 by Kristin Hersh and Bernard Georges of Throwing Muses (with Rob Ahlers on drums), was named after the lowest note audible to human ears. The band was intended as an outlet for the noise/math rock pieces that didn't fit the aesthetic of Throwing Muses or Kristin Hersh's solo work. They are known for pioneering the name-your-own-price movement.

The band works with Creative Commons licensing to allow filmmakers and other artists to use their songs without incurring costs or copyright infringement. Though their records are available for purchase on CD and vinyl, 50FootWave gives away its music free for download and encourages all forms of music sharing. As their records state: "SHARE THIS MUSIC - burn it for friends, burn it for enemies - USE IT" All those involved with the band donate their time to make this possible.

Their most successful and influential release, 2009's Power + Light, is thirty minutes of non-stop music, a barrage of free-form sound that found the band challenging its own complex song structure. Drowned in Sound wrote, "Kristin Hersh has flared back to ravenous, inferno intensity with the excoriating Power + Light, which feels neither self-indulgent nor like many tracks cobbled together, but bruisingly visceral."

This year's Bath White is their sixth release. Again, they've chosen to work with Los Angeles producer Mudrock, best known for his work with Godsmack. As Mudrock states, "These are the best musicians I've ever worked with, easily the most facile...they're pros and they're good people. 50FootWave is why I do what I do."