Blue Jeans: Songs Are Easy  CD   (Jigsaw Records)

Release date: June 3, 2016



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Bio: Indie pop institution Jigsaw Records' new signing Blue Jeans release their debut album "Songs are Easy" on May 13th. Is this something you should care about? Here are the facts to help you decide:

Blue Jeans used to be Santa Monica Swim and Dive Club. Under that name they released an EP called Mild Honey on Little Pocket Records, a split single on Oddbox, and played to the indie pop faithful at the 2010 NYC Popfest. They got tired of explaining the name, hence the switch.

Blue Jeans are Tim Sendra on vocals and guitar, Heather Phares on vocals and bass, with help from David Serra on drums and Justin Dykehouse on synths. Tim used to be in the band Veronica Lake back in the early '90s, in case you care about stuff like that.

Songs are Easy was produced, engineered and generally made better by Fred Thomas of Saturday Looks Good to Me, City Center and Fred Thomas. He got the sounds down, tweaked them into poppy weirdness, and played all the cool guitar parts. He sang a bunch and worked some serious keyboard magic too.

Songs are Easy was mastered by indie pop legend Archie Moore of Black Tambourine and Velocity Girl. He took some time off from winning Emmys to give the songs some warmth and depth. Also, some shine and glow.

Blue Jeans highly endorse and steal heavily from the following bands at every convenience:
(in chronological order)
Buddy Holly
Del Shannon
The Troggs
The Archies
T. Rex
The Modern Lovers
Dexy's Midnight Runners
The Go-Betweens
Comet Gain
The Rentals

Songs are Easy...everything else is hard.