Cars Can Be Blue: Trace The Tension  LP/CD   (HHBTM Records)

Release date: October 29, 2013

Cars Can Be Blue - Trace The Tension CD





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Bio: If you are holding this album in your hands, you are already being infected by it’s bitter seeping poison, it’s disdain, it’s skepticism that the cultural weight music itself used to heft has diluted into so much watery Kool-Aid.
If you’re NOT holding this album in your hands, if said album has remained shrink-wrapped and unprocessed, we’re not surprised, in fact, it is entirely expected, there is as little incentive for you to review this album as there was for us to write and record it, our label to release it, and subsequently throw another piss-squirt of creativity into the vast oceanic morass of forgotten bargain-bin mediocrity.

Any attention we receive will be a fluke, a fan-created static Faygo bottle & I.C.P. hatchet man Youtube video inexplicably gaining a half-million views, a token NME mention chronicling our latest touring disaster…who knows what dubious sideways accolades we will receive this time around, if any?
We know all too well why you will hate this offering: the obnoxious voice, the repetition, the lack of soothing reverb & shimmery female vocals floating seductively over a florid bed of wispy synths and tastefully minimal electronic dance beats.
You will hate it because too much of our actual personalities went into it and it will become all-too-apparent that we are old, and too ugly to be making this kind of racket and be even remotely serious about it, but therein lies OUR bitterness, because this is our final stance before succumbing to cultural irrelevance dictated by you, the gatekeeper/tastemaker/arbiter of significance.
You won’t “get it” and we don’t expect you to. We are artifacts desperately channeling our blurred and inarticulate inspirations into something only a few will stomach and even fewer savor, meanwhile more palatable drivel will flow ceaselessly from the ruptured P.R. pipe and we will be out-hyped, out-glammed, and out-spent by dozens upon dozens of other narcissists and charlatans all dangling their waxy fruit before your eyes.

Success will equate with maybe the “kids” stumbling across this hot mess of ours and enjoying it and sharing it amongst themselves (and perhaps a few even paying for the privilege, although increasingly less likely).
We held up our end of the bargain, the rest is in your hands. We expect nothing, but sometimes life presents little surprises. Do you want to be surprised?

I doubt it.

Please proceed,
-Nathaniel T. Mitchell