Emotional Response: Boyracer / Hulaboy / Safe Distance  7"s   (Emotional Response Records)

Release date: November 25, 2014


Boyracer Pete Shelly Cover Art

Hulaboy Exes Cover Art

Safe Distance Songs Cover Art

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Bio: This is a first for Crashing Through. We aren't just pushing one record, but three records by the same label. That label is Emotional Response, a 7” label run by Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell who ran the labels 555 Recordings and Red Square through the 90s and 00s. Their releases all come with bonus songs in the downloads, great packaging and design, and a focus on the underground scene with extra fuzz. These first three singles have one main thing in common: They all feature one of the most prolific songwriters and musicians of our generation, Stewart Anderson. (Do a discogs.com search and see for yourself!)

Celebrated indie-punk-poppers Boyracer have enjoyed a lengthy career in the indie-underworld/ underbelly/armpit, (depending on how you look at it), with amazingly over 800 commercially-released songs since their 1991 debut. You’d think that's a made up number, but no. Boyracer have released records on such acclaimed labels as Sarah, Slumberland, Blackbean and Placenta, HHBTM, etc, and at this point have crafted their aggressive melodic pop into a fine art. This, however, is touted to be their final release, a dazzling 4-song EP of crash pop greatness. It was recorded after a 4-year hiatus and features the only constant member Stewart Anderson, his wife Jen Turrell, and Sarah Records era guitarist Matt Green, making his return to the world of Boyracer. After two and a half decades, the needle is still buried far into the red.

Hulaboy are celebrating 20 years of friendship, hijinks and indie ineptitude, whilst joyfully dipping into and ripping off the Postcard and Flying Nun back catalogue. Eric (Hula Hoop) and Stewart (Boyracer) serve up their most convincing platter to date. Still as headstrong as ever, but with a bit of added maturity this playful 3-song color vinyl 7” is a mix of finely-crafted US Americana and UK twee. Also comes with full color insert and 10 song download.

The Safe Distance are a tri-continental supergroup featuring three bonafide legends in their own lunchtime! The Safe Distance provide an updated take on the quirk-pop muscular end of the C86 spectrum. The 4-song 7” on colored vinyl features Crayola, vocals and guitar (Sarandon / A Witness, UK), with David Nichols, drums, (Cannanes / Huon, Australia), and Stewart Anderson, bass and organ (Boyracer etc, USA). In addition to the corking 7 original songs, the eclectic cover versions included in the download material provide hints at where the Safe Distance heads are at, with solid gold takes on Adam and the Ants, Hawkwind and Bogshed.