Even As We Speak: Adelphi  CD/LP   (Shelflife Records)

Release date: June 26, 2020

Bio: EVEN AS WE SPEAK - are an exploding supernova of contradictions, lighting up the indie pop night sky, whilst raining down destructive particles and distorting space and time with their chaotic and remote brilliance.
FORMED – 1986 in post-punk apocalyptic inner-city Sydney – they refused to wear the eye makeup of their generation.
SUCCESS – 1987 their fizzing DIY record “Blue Suburban Skies/Bizarre Love Triangle” became the most copied 7 inch single of the twee pop genre spawning a veritable army of pale imitators (AKA - Bizarre Love Zombies).
LEGENDS – they were among the best loved Sarah Records bands, carving a sparkling pathway through the twee-scape of the early 90’s with their pop roller-coaster ride Feral Pop Frenzy.
BLAH – Top 10 Indie charts, NME, Melody Maker, 3 Peel Sessions, BBC1 Radio – yep they are that good!
BROKE UP - 1993 because they all hated each other.
UNTIL – A strange and unexpected re-birth occurred - New York Pop Fest 2016, EP the Black Forest 2017, 2018 UK tour to sold out shows! Cologne Popfest in 2020

OUR NEW ALBUM “ADELPHI" sees the band once again define new musical territory and continue its career long mission to defy pop conventions and neat classifications. A dense and cinematic effort, it takes us into the unfashionable terrain of middle age lyric themes, mixing dark electronics, detailed production, and guitars with pop melodies and beautifully crafted songs that revive the art of the album.

Long term Even As We Speak and pop fans will find plenty of immediate stand out tunes but listeners are rewarded by closer listening.