Fireworks: Black And Blue EP  10"   (Shelflife Records)

Release date: July 15, 2016



Bio: Shelflife is proud to bring you the Black and Blue EP, the first release by London and Brighton-based group The Fireworks since their debut LP, 2015's Switch Me On. The heavily anticipated four-track EP will be out July 15 on limited 10" blue vinyl and digital formats.

Following a handful of fantastic 7" singles and a self-titled EP, the quartet exceeded already high expectations on their debut album. Switch Me On's 13 tracks soar by in a blur of warm, fuzzed-out feedback, infectious hooks and pure unadulterated energy. One reviewer's comparison of their sound to "the Shangri-Las after eight pints of Harvest Pale" is a telling testament to both their pop songwriting prowess, and also how flat-out fun their music is. Fans old and new of The Fireworks will not be let down by their new Black and Blue EP.

The release may only be four tracks long, but you'll be needing to take a breather after it's done. These songs mark the most rocking we've heard The Fireworks thus far, while still keeping the catchy melodies and pop sensibility we've come to expect from them. The driving opener "All the Time" is an instant favorite, and the dynamic track tells listeners right off the bat that this is no mellow, passive listen. "The Ghost Of You" features jangly guitar work and fantastic dual vocals from Matthew Rimell and Emma Hall, making the track a shimmering pop gem. Of course, the distortion that smattered Switch Me On is still present, and tracks like "Bury Me" will have you jumping around in a fit of uncontrollable vigor (perhaps why they chose to name this the Black and Blue EP?). The band touches down on all bases on this new release, making it an essential listen whether or not you've been a fan in the past.

For fans of: Razorcuts, Buzzcocks, Girls At Our Best!, Revolving Paint Dream, The Shop Assistants, Meat Whiplash, Bubblegum Splash