Halfsour: Tuesday Night Live  CD/LP   (Jigsaw Records)

Release date: January 29, 2016






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Bio: As the legend goes, halfsour started out as a Guided By Voices cover band. Well, I can sort of hear it when I squint my ears, but this coed trio from Boston actually reminds me a lot of the harder-edged indiepop bands of the late '90s/early '00s, specifically New Grenada (of whom they are a dead-ringer at times) and Wolfie (and its many off-shoots, such as the Like Young and National Splits). Their songs are generally short and punchy - only a few times do they pass the three-minute mark, blasting you with catchy guitar melodies and bratty vocals. Following up a short-run demo tape and a split 12" EP with Reports on Ride The Snake Records, this is Halfsour's debut album, and it certainly shows a lot of promise - definitely a band to watch out for! It's music to have bottle rocket wars to, to throw a party in a back garden shed, to have a demolition bicycle derby, to throw rocks at trains to, to try to throw keys up into a tree to get stuck to, music that just calls out for fun and abandon. Stop what you are doing, put this on and get lost in fun.