Hard Left / Bad Daddies: split  7"   (Emotional Response Records)

Release date: February 6th, 2015


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Photo by Eric Yee (300 dpi bd2)

Photo by Eric Yee (300 dpi bd5)

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Bio: Northern California Punks BAD DADDIES, (3 gals, 2 guys), play frantic feedback driven hardcore punk with catchy pop blasts. Their music is raw and untouched, pissed off and catchy. Guitarist Matt uses screeching squalls of feedback as an inventive and integral part of the song structure, and coupled with the dynamics of front-woman Camylle, their music is presented as a convincing and powerful force. 2014 closed out with Bad Daddies making many critics Top 10s, (notably Maximum Rock And Roll), for their live performances and previous 7inch on Negative Fun. This split, their 2nd for Emotional Response, is their 6th 7inch vinyl release.
“Vocalist Camylle has totally challenged what I expect to hear from a front woman. The closest comparison that comes to mind is Poly Styrene.” (Razorcake)
“The music fires on all cylinders. It reminds me of those classic Bay Area punk bands. The ones who never crossed over, but understood melody. They’re familiar without being nostalgic bullshit. As far as contemporary bands go, think somewhere in there with White Lung and Perfect Pussy”. (Team Reasonable)

HARD LEFT is a self described hard mod band. Their band members have been involved with punk and DIY music for nearly a century combined, including time in bands like Boyracer, Juke, Whorl, Lunchbox, Black Tambourine, Kids On A Crime Spree and operating the respected labels 555 and Slumberland Records. Initial Hard Left recording sessions in Spring 2014 led to the release of two limited edition lathe cut singles, the Situationist-inspired “What’s That Sound?” and the tough-as-nails “Safety.” This split EP, featuring 2 exclusive HARD LEFT tracks follows hot on the heels of the recent Christmas hit “Skinheads Home For Xmas”. LP is being scheduled for April.
Hard Left wear their politics on their sleeves. Hard Left hearken back to the early days of punk to tell stories about NOW and to motivate the listeners. Hard Left is about action -- lift every voice and chant, join arms and resist.

“Hard Left bring that feeling of hopefulness to to the grittier end of the musical spectrum. Crammed with guitars that soar and rage, terrace chants and raw-throated vocals, a worthy (and rather unlikely!) addition to the punk canon." Goner Records