Luxembourg Signal: Luxembourg Signal  cd/lp   (Shelflife Records)

Release date: September 30, 2014





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Bio: Shelflife presents the debut album from The Luxembourg Signal available
September 30th on limited edition vinyl, cd and digital formats. The first
100 LP pre-orders direct from the label website will be availabe in
electric blue vinyl.

The Luxembourg Signal, while being a brand new project, features members
who have been playing together for years as part of the much adored
Aberdeen (Sarah Records). Several years, several bands -- including most
recently Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars -- and a few reunions later,
Johnny Joyner, Beth Arzy and Brian Espinosa started The Luxembourg Signal
with Betsy Moyer and Ginny Pitchford. Piecing together almost ten years of
ideas and nabbing any recording time possible with Beth when visiting Los
Angeles from the UK, their debut LP is finally here.

The 10 track album, recorded by David Newton (The Mighty Lemon Drops) at
Rollercoaster Recording and mixed by Mark Rains at Station House Studio,
is filled with fantastic dreampop melodies, lovely sonic textures and
soaring guitar drones that we can't get enough of. Those familiar with the
lead 7" single Distant Drive (Shelflife, April 2014) will find more to
love here. Tracks like "We Go On", "Heaven", "She Loves To Feel The Sun",
"Wishing Pool" and "Let It Go" show the bands knack for writing perfect
and developed pop songs. But this is not just a pure pop record -- the
album also has a darker side. Tracks like "Dying Star", "Unphased", "First
Light" (featuring vocals by Aberdeen's John Girgus), and "Drowning"
(featuring The Melvins Dale Crover on drums) all show off their vintage
shoegaze roots. All in all The Luxembourg Signal have created a spacier,
noisier, and mature album that you'll find something new to love with
every listen!

For fans of: Aberdeen, early Magnetic Fields, Trembling Blue Stars, Mojave
3, The Popguns, Spiritualized, The Sundays