Mark W Georgsson: Comes A Time  12"   (Last Night From Glasgow Records)

Release date: August 14, 2020

Bio: Combining Celtic and Nordic vibes into the realms of Country, Alternative Folk and Americana, Glasgow songwriter Mark W. Georgsson released his debut album Faces and Places on Last Night From Glasgow on 27th January 2017. Produced by Idlewild’s Rod Jones and released on limited edition 12” vinyl and digital download, Georgsson’s debut release was celebrated with a sold out show at Glasgow’s world renowned Celtic Connections festival.

Recorded between Edinburgh, Mull and Reykjavík, Georgsson’s approach to recording mirrored his willingness to showcase his music on the road. A solo tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands followed the album’s release, as did appearances at several festivals including Electric Fields, Iceland Airwaves and Celtic Connections plus ventures oversees to perform in Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

Georgsson has continued to perform extensively since the release of his debut album with a notable performance supporting Chance McCoy of Old Crow Medicine Show at Glasgow’s The Hug and Pint on Saturday 5th October 2019.

Work has continued on recording with a new EP, Comes A Time being released on 14th of August 2020.

Comes A Time, the six track EP has all the various elements that make up Georgsson’s music except here we don’t just have these combinations differing from song to song but mid song. Never think you know where the song is going to take you as you’ll be wrong but happy with your error. Take Waiting for You, it starts with a stomp, bounding along then suddenly we’re meandering, we catch our breath then we’re off again cascading towards an end some place different from where we started and the journey has been a joy. Ode to Rannva brings us cymbals lightly echoing the sound of waves crashing gently bringing a loved one home safely that has travelled that sea yearning to return. True Love has the Celtic strings and acoustic guitar which is simply and beautifully a tale of hope and love. If Georgsson ever wanted a song to play at The Grand Old Opry to get everyone roused One of a Kind would do it with its country esque rock and roll with a rhythm that seeps into your bones. Hanging Around keeps this going but with the introductions of a jazzy component at the start with the track then taking sharp corners as it goes in a different direction but with the same velocity and Hanging Around also seems to be about hanging on with the music representing the twists and turns of life. Comes a Time finishes off with the title track. Here it seems like a door opens and an intensity of feeling and urgency comes pouring through. Parts of the track seems to take a moment to reflect, then assured the right decision has been made it confidently strides forward, the time has come. All in all this EP gives you a melting pot of the various styles that Georgsson steeps himself in which makes him exciting to listen to along with the fact that he is not afraid to mix up the sound not just from song to song but within the song itself.