Marshmallow Coast: Memory Girl  LP   (HHBTM Records)

Release date: November 9, 2018

Bio: If marshmallow coast’s previous album, Vangelis Rides Again was the soundtrack to the after hours malaise for the bender it comes right after a break up, then their new album, memory girl, is the sound of the hung over morning after meeting someone new. In other words, optimistic and hopeful, yet still pining just a little bit for your previous love, and cautious about proceeding further. Walking a fine line between wanting to given to these new feelings while still not being sure that you are over your last love.

To capture this hazy feeling, Andy Gonzales (of Montreal, the Music Tapes, Mind Brains) stylistically dives headfirst into the 1980s, bringing together the warmth of adult contemporary, the coolness of synthesizer – driven pop and new wave. Yacht rock? Such comparison may seem dismissive, but it really shouldn’t be; after all, that particular style was notable for the mixture of pleasant and relaxing sound tempered with thoughtful and relatable lyrics. And what’s wrong with that? I’d like to know.

That’s exactly what memory girl is: its visceral, not cerebral. It’s a record that doesn’t rush itself; sure, it’s 27 minutes long, but it is a most relaxing, intoxicating, downright enjoyable 27 minutes. Much like a deep tissue massage, once it begins, your ears won’t want it to stop, as you enjoy the pleasure of Gonzales and company examining such universal themes as falling in love (“Take You On”), remembering what an old love felt like (“Lovers Leap”), the sunny optimism that comes from getting to know someone new (“Shooting Star”).

And zombies. Mustn’t forget the zombies!

Memory girl is the perfect summertime album for fall, a reminder of warm sunny days and the fresh and exciting feeling of Feeling the loving feeling all over again. It’s a delight that comes from a mimosa in the morning, Avalon at 8 AM, or Boz Skaggs for breakfast - something you really shouldn’t do too much of, but when you do, it is an experience you most definitely will enjoy.