Matthew Paul Butler: Hymns For The Dying  digital   (Epifo Music)

Release date: November 15, 2019

Bio: Matthew Paul Butler’s Hymns For The Dying have found refuge with Epifo Music, who will release the album on Friday, November 15th, 2019.

Navigating the realm of neo-folk / indie-soul, Butler’s songs are driven by a diesel-fume bar band on overdrive and a voice that wavers somewhere between a hug and a left hook. Hymns For The Dying is the culmination of years of displacement, rebuilding, and multiple attempts to settle down.

Butler grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire) -- his parents were Christian missionaries. Matthew found himself often in church meetings, in houses of other missionaries, and in the woods with other children. His family was forced to leave Zaire when the military revolted. The family attempted to return six months later, but another uprising forced them out of the country.

To Matthew, Hymns For The Dying are not documentations but interpretations of life events, and through these interpretations a place where people can be together in strength or vulnerability. Matthew’s Hymns are fierce-yet-graceful, with a looming tension that at any moment, a fragile artifact will be knocked over, like life itself, irreparably.

Hymns For The Dying was recorded by sound engineer Daniel Hodges in various homes around Charlotte, North Carolina. Not unlike Townes Van Zandt’s recording history, several attempts had been made to record Hymns For The Dying over the years, with master tapes having been lost or destroyed, and new bands needing to be pieced together.

Matthew Paul Butler will tour extensively in North America and Europe in support of this album.

Matthew is also available for interviews, just reach out.