Mild Mild Country: Never Had A Touch To Lose  CD / CS   (HHBTM Records)

Release date: October 22, 2021

Bio: Jake Ward, frontman for indie rock duo Eureka California, recently took to his home studio and completed work on his first solo album, Never Had A Touch To Lose, to be released under the name Mild Mild Country, via HHBTM Records.

Fans expecting to hear Eureka California’s crunchy, literate indie-rock will be in for a surprise; Never Had A Touch To Lose is a fully instrumental affair. Furthermore, it’s a very epic affair, to boot; the four songs clock in at 48 minutes. But the best part of this is how it sounds: Ward has composed a soundtrack to one hell of a detective movie, one set in LA (which is where the album was recorded) and one can easily hear the streets throughout the album’s groove.

Never Had A Touch To Lose fits nicely between Tangerine Dream’s Thief soundtrack and Wang Chung’s score for To Live And Die In LA. But it’s not all 80s synth landscapes; here and there, you’ll find notes of post-punk, a little shade of Blues, as well as some splendid guitar playing that reminds us of noise rockers Trans Am.

We encourage you to sit down and listen to Never Had A Touch To Lose in one go; it’s an exciting and gritty story that will keep you at the edge of your seat.