Nihilist Cheerleader: Riot, Right?  CD/CS   (Perfect Attendance Records)

Release date: March 30, 2018


Bio: Nihilist Cheerleader is making a name for themselves in the thriving Athens/ Atlanta music scene with their raw, Riot Grrrl- inspired punk sound. The band formed in 2015 in Athens, Ga, and found early success in a saturated scene with their new take on an established concept of “punk”. The band brings a charged energy to their live and recorded performances that is engaging and refreshing. Nihilist Cheerleader’s sound appropriately reflects the band’s name in it’s duality- both turbulent and controlled, angsty and uplifting, thoughtful and effortless.

What sets them apart from other musicians in their midsts is their story-like songwriting. Like the artists that have inspired them, the band’s music is largely rooted in political and social commentary. Their lyrics command the listener to take a closer look at social injustices related to gender and power structures, and ones internal dialogue. Rather than aimlessly identify problems they see, the band’s intention is to start a constructive conversation about how we can combat and resolve such issues. Their songs inspire rebellion, self exploration, change, and especially dance.

Following the release of one EP, three singles, and two southeastern tours, the band is releasing their first full-length album with Perfect Attendance Records spring of 2018, and will be touring the east coast this summer. In the past two years the band has received multiple music awards from a local publication, voted by the public as best startup band, best punk/hard rock band, and best live performance. The members are excited to release their new music, as well as some accompanying music videos, as their project continues to grow and evolve.

“Simply put, the young foursome is one of the most buzzed-about bands currently on the Athens scene, and with good reason: Its pitch-perfect blend of snotty and sunny, in addition to reflecting the group's excellent moniker, makes for an endlessly exciting live show.” - Gabe Vodicka, Flagpole