Oh Well, Goodbye: Swoon  7"   (Bleeding Gold Records)

Release date: November 11, 2016

Oh Well, Goodbye - Swoon (Bleeding Gold Records)

Oh well goodbye - Tom Rees - bw 1

Oh well goodbye - Tom Rees - bw

Oh well goodbye - Tom Rees - colour 1

Oh well goodbye - Tom Rees - Colour

Bio: Hailing from Liverpool England, Oh Well Goodbye quietly crept into the UK scene with debut cassette release ‘BG092’ through U.S label Bleeding Gold Records. Beginning as a solo project during down time of his 'dayjob' band People//Talk, Philip Rourke (founder of EDILS records/booking) quickly assembled like minded musicians and played a scattering of shows in London and northern England, as well as a 5 date tour of France in late 2015. Oh Well Goodbye, completed by Sam Banks (bass), Peter Seddon (Guitar) and Andy Fernihough (Drums) have continued to push creatively as a unit while fully maintaining their Lo-Fi DIY approach. Three new EPs will be released before the end of 2017 and each one presents a progressive step showcasing Oh well goodbyes bittersweet musical movements that border the edge of collapse. Post punk is murky ground but oh well goodbye given their northern English heritage slot in and out easily. A lush mix of early 90s styled guitars, dance punk beats and hushed almost spoken vocal ride along effortlessly. As beautiful as it is ugly, the nonchalant display masks the chaos and vulnerability underneath.

The first release of the trilogy is a four track EP entitled ‘Swoon’. A step up from the home recording of Rourkes debut effort, ‘Swoon’ was recorded in a Liverpool studio live by the bands drummer Andy Fernihough. ‘Swoon’ is available on pink and grey 7” as well as digitally from September 16th through Bleeding Gold records.The bands next release quickly follows and coincides with a European tour in October. A five track cassette entitled 'Acquiescence' is a co-release between UK labels Hail Hail and EDILS Records (digitally through Bleeding Gold records) will be available from October 16th. A more experimental and ambient collection compared to its predecessor, 'Acquiescence' see's oh well goodbye use drums loops and keyboards for the first time on half of the tracks while still in touching upon the bands pop sensibilities and downbeat 'post punk' sound. This leads nicely into the final release of the trilogy; 'I Know, I Know, I Know' which is a remix EP comprised of tracks from both 'Swoon' and 'Acquiescence'. Hitting the world wide web on November 11th, again through Bleeding Gold Records the digital only release features remixes by a host of acts including Dignan Porch (Faux Discx/Captured Tracks), Gorgeous Bully (Art Is Hard), Moonlit Sailor (Deep Elm) and new comers such as Dayflower and Grave Diggers Union.