Rishis: August Moon  LP   (Cloud Recordings)

Release date: April 20, 2023

Rishis - August Moon LP (Cloud Recordings)

Bio: The rishis duo of Ranjan Avasthi and Sofie Lute hail from Athens/Atlanta, and Tacoma. They are set to release their new album, August Moon, on April 20th, 2023, via Cloud Recordings. Though the duo has been together for nearly a decade, August Moon is their long-awaited debut. The rishis are also the newest band to proudly bear the "music from" the Elephant 6 logo.

Musically speaking, August Moon is an album of gentle, lush psych-rock songs with a hint of hazy, folk-rock. It isn't hard to imagine the rishis wandering around the subcontinent playing their songs with their friends, and everyone having a grand old time high on some lovely tea. It's hard to avoid singing along to songs like "Holiday" and "Jetstream", thanks to their catchy melodies. But August Moon isn't all folk-rock; "Holi" and "Just Between You and Me" are moody rockers that give Avasthi's songwriting muscle and make for delightful listening. Also worth noting is the Lute-sung "Make Me Love You", a country-rock ballad that will make your eyes shine. And let's not forget the closing song, "Uttar Pradesh", a tribute to Avasthi's ancestral roots.

But August Moon is also an album of collaboration, as their pals also helped out with painting this sound collage. E6 alumni friends helping in it's creation include Scott Spillane (Neutral Milk Hotel), John Kiran Fernades (Olivia Tremor Control), Andrew Rieger (Elf Power), James Huggins III (Of Montreal), Andy Gonzalez (Marshmallow Coast), Peter Alvanos (Elf Power), Lucy Calhoun (Black Swan Network), Todd Kelly (Great Lakes and also Phosphorescent), and Wild Rumpus founder Timi Conley, and co-producer Chris Byron.

August Moon is a charming little record, one that wins your heart with heartfelt lyrics, gentle melodies, and lush arrangements. It's the perfect record for the springtime, when life is blooming again and the heart is open to the simple charms of love and life.