Summer Sleeves: In The Throes Of Woes  CD   (Jigsaw Records)

Release date: April 23, 2021

Bio: Jeremy Charbonneau grew up in the car culture of the midwest, going to auto shows with his father on the weekends. And the oldies were always on the radio on these trips. “That music still has such a huge influence on me, to this day,” he says. Many of those early influences would give way to indie rock, punk, art rock and eventually, folk over the years, but the simplicity of ‘60s Top 40 pop is what’s behind the music of Summer Sleeves. Jangly, folk-brushed acoustic guitar, a raucous hook and a smattering of vocal harmonies.

Jeremy first formed Summer Sleeves as a way of getting social and making friends. He’d spent the previous 15 years playing drums for Seattle artist Carrie Biel (Moon Palace) and as a founding member of Smile Brigade. After several years recording and touring with these groups, he walked away from music to go to design school and get a “real job” to help support his young family. But once the dust settled on that life transition, music worked its way back into his forethought.

He got together with a couple friends for something to do socially, and together they played a few songs he’d written. A small handful of songs quickly built up to enough material to play out as a live band. That incarnation of Summer Sleeves dissolved as groups do, but Jeremy wanted to keep the music going and decided to record the songs he’d put together.

Summer Sleeves’ debut album In the Throes of Woes is eleven songs performed by Jeremy and friends Alon Bassok and Mike Oprinski. Bassok and Oprinski took on bass and lead guitar, respectively, for the majority of the home-recorded songs, while Jeremy took on the rest. The result is a lo-fi foray into indie pop, folk, and at times, noisey psychedelia. The album was recorded over the fall/winter of 2019–2020 at Jeremy’s West Seattle home with a few mics, a laptop and a DIY sound-treated room—all the makings of true lo-fi record. The album was mixed by Jeremy and Ethan Jones (Math and Physics Club/Model Shop).