Witching Waves at Dagger

This U.K. trio’s 2014 debut, Fear of  Falling Down completely passed me by, but this one, a domestic release on HHBTM, surely didn’t. Along with bands like Joanna Gruesome and Veronica Falls they’d seem to have some cacophonous brethren in their homeland and I also hear bits of Sonic Youth, The Vaselines and Shop Assistants to name a few elder statesmen (mostly S.Y.). In other words Emma, Mark and Ed might be young but they know their history and cuts like “Twister,” “Red Light Loop” and “Make It Up” show a band that blast on their foot pedals when they want to and show a little restraint whne thee time’s right (sometimes in the same song….especially “Make It Up” …his vocal even remind me a lot of Thurston Moore). Keep listening and make sure ntot to miss ace cuts like “The Threat” and the record-ending “Flowers.’ Not sure if they’ve made it to our shores in the past but 2016 is shaping up to be a great year gig-wise and if these guys make it over then it’ll make the year even better.