Witching Waves at Gold Flake Paint

Continually one of the brightest sparks in the whole UK sludgy, guitar-slinging, DIY scene, Witching Waves follow up their brilliant ‘Fear Of Falling Down‘ LP with a sparkling new full-length effort next month, once again released via Soft Power (and Happy Happy Birthday To Me in the U.S) and one hopes that Crystal Cafe might be the moment that the trio make that leap from cult-heroes in to fully fledge mainstays of the circuit.

If lead-track ‘The Threat‘ is anything to go by then the odds are certainly stacked in their favour. Led by a restless guitar line and equally agitated vocal splurge, the track bubbles away incessantly before breaking loose for the final third where all the vocals pile in on each other as the guitars topple anyone left standing, making for an engrossing and thoroughly emphatic return.

Accompanying the track is a suitably darkened and unstable new video, all black-and-white hues and striking imagery that you can barely shift your eyes away from even if you’re intent on doing so. Filmed by Moe Meade, who also did the band’s Better Run video, the new film is premiering below; go and check it out.