Witching Waves at Here Comes the Flood

Ready for some angry, catchy DIY rock? London based trio Witching Waves go for howling feedback, tons of fuzz and leakage, topped off with wavering vocals on their second full-length Crystal Cafe. Emma Wigham, Mark Jasper and Ed Shellar have found a way to get even with the world by not so much as playing but attacking their instruments. This a band that won’t back down – when they stumble upon a riff they keep it going for the whole song. Think post-punk with hints of the Pixies, Deerhoof and the Replacements.

Crystal Cafe is the perfect soundtrack for a trip through the back alleys and decaying of the Greater London area where people are trying to cope with a corporate world that doesn’t give a fuck about their plight.

Recorded at Mark Jaspers Sound Savers studio Witching Waves have unleashed an album that should be played honoring Ritchie Blackmore’s quip about wanting to have “Ć«verything louder than everything else”. A rough diamond that never should be cut an polished.