American Culture at KVCU Denver

In a musical landscape that thrives on genre revivalism, it’s hard for bands to sound unique while also letting their influences shine through. But for American Culture’s newest record, Pure American Gum, the group is able to be nostalgic without sounding dated. Comprised of former members of Bad Weather California and current members of Homebody, this Desert-based band draws influence heavily from indie and punk from the 80’s and 90’s but with an embrace of modern noise pop and garage rock. Though the album is incredibly fuzzy and lo-fi, the guitar progressions are almost Bruce Springsteen-esque in their ability to sound anthemic and undoubtedly American.

The song subjects on Pure American Gum deal heavily with anxiety issues and reflecting on adolescent life in the 1990’s in the Four Corners of the US. The lyrics on the album are highly idiosyncratic and range from stealing the parent’s car to friends that listen to the Pixies and drink Coca-Cola. But tracks such as “Social Anxiety” shows front man Chris Aldof wearing his issues on his sleeve, proving this album to be “Party Music For Introverts”. At the same time, the sound, imagery and subject matter is highly relatable but so detailed and personal that the album as a whole is incredibly unique and esoteric listen.

Out now on Jigsaw Records, Pure American Gum by American Culture is Radio 1190’s CD of the Month for March. For more information, check out or request it at your favorite local record shop today.