American Culture at The Big Takeover

Mysterious fuzz poppers from the Four Corners Desert, American Culture, offer an excellent debut full-length that perfectly encapsulates their name.

Pure American Gum explodes with pop hooks, reverbed vocals and feedback-laden guitars. Each song is a snapshot in time, a pure celebration of that naïve innocence we had in our youth that youngsters still hold today. Through dreamy Jesus and Mary Chain melodies, Lou Reed insight and Pixies noise, they deliver the soundtrack for misguided teens stuck hanging out in strip mall parking lots because there’s no place else to go and being at home is just a drag. It’s The Ramones on Quaaludes, a John Hughes movie through the haze of Valium swiped from mom’s medicine cabinet.

Remember when the parents in Poltergeist were getting high in their bedroom? They should have been listening to American Culture. Let down your guard and have a little fun like you haven’t had in so long.