Animal Daydream at Examiner

Sometimes less is more and on Easy Pleasure the Swedish band Animal Daydream proves just that. Their latest release is a four track EP that links 60’s pop rock with the sounds of the present. Haunting vocal harmonies weave their way through a wall of melody that is occasionally disturbed by the well placed synthesizers and guitars.

The opening track “Canyon Road” kicks off with jangly guitars giving it a sound reminiscent of the Byrds before erupting in a plethora of different sounds. Even after the spacey melodies invade the track it still retains that mellow classic sound. The song “I Knew You Would Come Along Before Fall” is a mesmerizing tune loaded with soothing melodies kept afloat by subdued rhythms. The addition of strings adds another layer giving the song an uncanny classic feel. Sandwiched between these two gems are the songs “Glass Ships” and “Easy Pleasures”. They really open up the toy box on this duo of songs showcasing what Animal Daydream can do when they utilize all their musical toys.

Easy Pleasures is a fun listen. Animal Daydream packs a lot of sound on to four songs. The multiple layers of music work in harmony without muddying up the listening experience. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the vocals. Daniel Fridlund Brandt & Alexander Wahl treat their vocals as part of the overall soundscape of their songs being treated as another instrument. Take the time to listen to Easy Pleasures from Animal Daydream and get lost in the music.