Fireworks at Pittsburgh in Tune

With a noise pop sound that drew inspiration from bands like My Bloody Valentine, The Shop Assistants and Buzzcocks, British outfit The Fireworks made a nice first impression in 2013 with the release of a self-titled EP. With the reverb-soaked vocals of Emma Hall and Matthew Rimell and plenty of fuzzy guitars, The Fireworks seemed poised for bigger and better things.

A minor lineup shuffle ensued with Shaun Charman coming aboard on drums, joining Hall, Rimell and bassist Isabel Albiol, and the furits of their labor is dynamic full-length debut “Switch Me On.” There is no filler to be found on the 13-track, 37-minute release, with The Fireworks serving up one high-octane tune after another.

After a so-so start to the proceedings with “With My Heart” and “Runaround,” the quartet hits their stride with a series of keepers that include “Let You Know,” “Which Way to Go,” “Switch Me On,” “Stay Here” and “Corner of My Mind.” Can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.