Antlered Auntlord at Innocent Words

TEN: For the past two years, each Friday, Innocent Words has put the spotlight on up and coming artists/bands with 10 questions we like to call IW10. The tradition continues…

Athens, Georgia via Huddleston, Virginia

Members and instruments:
Hands: picks and sticks
Feet: boots and flats,
Fingers: rings and fingernails
Head: ponder box

Short bio (in your own words):
You’ve come upon an abandoned house in the woods. In the frigid winter wind you hear the strains of music coming from the house. Parts of a song you swear you have heard before, maybe a little too loud, definitely out of tune. Though all the doors are locked you find a broken window you can just slip in without cutting yourself on the broken glass. The house is empty, except for
Whatever nature has let in, debris, leaves, mice. The sounds get louder as you approach the entrance of an upstairs room. You open the door.

What is your favorite hometown spot (restaurant, bar, coffee house, etc.) that you visit when you return home from tour?
Our basement, Wintry records, bizarro wuxtry

What is Your Funniest or Worst Tour Story?
Tour Story 4: Coming Out of Their Shells

What THREE things are a must have when you go on tour or play a show?

A vehicle, cash, booked shows (though this can be optional as needed)

What is your most cherished album by another artist?
Divine – 12″ collection

If you had to record an EP of covers, which FIVE songs/artist would make the cut?
Nancy Sinatra “These boots are made for walking”
Kylie Minogue “Can’t get you out of my head”
Liz Phair “Never said”
Breeders “Saints”
Cyndi Lauper – that song from “The Goonies”

What Are Your Future plans?
First Act: More music, more albums, tours, inevitable backlash. Second Act: Decent into drugs and alcohol. Third Act: Unexpected comeback, elder statesmanship, gardening, gardening, gardening, and then death.

Where Can We Hear Your Music?
At shows, Soundcloud, Youtube, and my house.