Halfsour at Innocent Words

Although their band name is abysmal, not to mention perplexing, Halfsour’s music is charming, straightforward indie pop. There isn’t a lot on the internet about Halfsour – good luck finding a website. However, they do have a sparse Bandcamp page, and their Facebook page is just as pathetic. No member information, no bio, hell, even… Continue reading Halfsour at Innocent Words

Eureka California at Innocent Words

Eureka California from Athens, GA announce the release of their new album “Versus” on HHBTM Records on March 25th, 2016. Endlessly self-referential and endlessly self-destructive, stuck on an endless treadmill of tension & release, of megalomania & doubt. Agoraphobic fight songs for the masses. The wit of a young Elvis Costello, the heart and reckless… Continue reading Eureka California at Innocent Words

Antlered Auntlord at Innocent Words

TEN: For the past two years, each Friday, Innocent Words has put the spotlight on up and coming artists/bands with 10 questions we like to call IW10. The tradition continues… Hometown: Athens, Georgia via Huddleston, Virginia Members and instruments: Hands: picks and sticks Feet: boots and flats, Fingers: rings and fingernails Head: ponder box Short… Continue reading Antlered Auntlord at Innocent Words

Postal Blue at Innocent Words

‘Of Love and Other Affections’ (Jigsaw Records) is the second album from Brazil’s Postal Blue, who have been around (though not very actively) for nearly 18 years now with previous releases on Drive-In, Shelflife and Cloudberry Records. One listen and anyone could easily be convinced that this was a lost Sarah Records release, with its songs… Continue reading Postal Blue at Innocent Words