Halfsour at Innocent Words

Although their band name is abysmal, not to mention perplexing, Halfsour’s music is charming, straightforward indie pop.

There isn’t a lot on the internet about Halfsour – good luck finding a website. However, they do have a sparse Bandcamp page, and their Facebook page is just as pathetic. No member information, no bio, hell, even the band description is “mara-wyner-gustafson overdrive.” Whatever the hell that means. Is this the care and dedication the current generation gives to their art? Fuck, I hope not.

I know I sound like a bitter old music scribe, and I know we are not here to review websites or social media. So let’s get to the music.

Kicking off ‘Tuesday Night Live,’ which is not a live record by the way, is the quick and punchy indie rocker “What You’re Waiting.” In fact, all 13 tracks barely touch the three-minute mark, let alone going over three minutes. But it keeps things upbeat and fun with bratty boy/girl lead vocals, crisp clean guitar playing, and one hell of a drummer.

Sure, it’s raw – “Chartreuse Rec Room” for example – but it holds your attention, and I like that. There is nothing new on the table here from this Boston trio, but they’ve studied their past very well. Remember those ’90s indie pop darlings the Spinanes, Busytoby, the Like Young? Or if you are thinking more mainstream Weezer and Ben Folds? Then you get the idea of what Halfsour is all about.