Bastards of Fate at Raised by Gypsies

While there are many qualities of The Bastards of Fate that make me think of both a punk band and a pop rock type of band, I am hesitant to classify this as pop punk really.   It has these undertones of a band like The B-52’s, yet it has some broader commercial appeal of something modern such as The Killers.

The songs have strings in them as well, which are just beautiful and just orchestrated as Yellowcard uses them for instance.    It could almost be a cross between Bowling for Soup (who really isn’t that bad once you get deeper into their catalog) and Modest Mouse, which needless to say sort of forms its own sound unique to Bastards of Fate.

Some of the more pure rock qualities within these melodic harmonies can remind me of Forgive Durden, but overall I thoroughly enjoy this record because though I have not heard their first one this definite has its own voice and it’s a good one.