Boyracer at Big Takeover

After four years of silence, Boyracer reemerge for their final release – four snappy songs defiantly lacking the drama that would ordinarily accompany such an announcement.

Teetering between The Buzzcocks andLeatherface, Stewart Anderson and company go out on a high note, beginning with the flashing memory of a bad relationship in the title track, a theme continued in “2nd Wave Mod,” which takes The Jam even further into early Who territory. “The Kind of Man You Really Are” pushes further into Jam-esque mod-isms, while theJen Turrell-penned “Jump” offers a playful bit of indie sweetness, thus ending the Boyracer legacy on an entirely non-bitter note.

Whether this truly is the end of an indie punk era or an insatiable itch will eventually produce another EP is anyone’s guess. Needless to say, then, if this is the end, Boyracer will sorely be missed, though they couldn’t have ended any better.