Cars Can Be Blue at Maximum Rock and Roll

Cars Can Be Blue – Trace the Tension (HHBTM)
I definitely had to listen to this album a couple of times before I “got it.” Cars Can Be Blue plays fun, fast, pop-punk songs that are catchy and get stuck in your head after repeated listens. I especially loved the songs “Lie” and “Poor for Life.” The lead singer Becky Brooks, has a great voice that is playful, melodic and bratty all at once. On “You Should Be Begging” they switch singers and the sound transforms to supercharged garage rock, which I was really into. The lyrics don’t take themselves too seriously and some of them are downright childish “You gave me back my clothes / and made me pizza rolls,” but aside from that, if you like your pop-punk fast and catchy with a garage rock twist, you’ll probably like Cars Can Be Blue.