New Sound of Numbers review at Maximum Rock and Roll

New Sound of Numbers – Invisible Magnetic (Cloud)
Post-punk that reminds me of Rip Rig and Panic / New Age Steppers in a manner that few bands have attempted since the early 00’s. Cool dual girl vocals, this is pretty close to being too artsy for MMR, altough it’s more like the post-punk pop landscape inhabited by the post Slits acts mentioned above than “art.” Sounds like they would have played with Bush Tetras at the Mudd Club. Tim Yohannan would have thrown this away instantly! I will admit that this is something I will never listen to again: there’s a little too much going on at all times and I would rather listen to music like this that was actually made in 1982 rather than something that has been perfectly engineered to replicate that time, but from now. I mean a good band is a good band, good songs are good songs, but there is something missing here somehow. Comes across as a studio band in a sort of dull manner. For a band with so much going on, it’s remarkably unmemorable and indistinctive, the songs are sort of muddy and boring and directionless, maybe because of the endless layers of sound?! They remind me a bit of First Nation who were on Animal Collective’s label about ten years ago, mining similar territory albeit in a more pop/less experimental manner. The singer has a cool voice.