Casper & The Cookies at God is in the TV

Athens, Georgia band Casper & the Cookies have produced their version of Welsh Britpop band Catatonia’s classic single ‘You’ve Got A lot To Answer For’. Recorded over this summer to celebrate 20 years of Britpop. And we are pleased to have the exclusive first airing of the track:

‘Casper & the Cookies released a new album earlier this year on Stuff Records / Wild Kindness called “Dingbats” which got a bunch of press in the states. The band are loosely part of the elephant six collective. Jason Nesmith the band leader has been in the Late BP Helium, Visitations, of Montreal, and the Sunshine Fix, Kay Stanton is also in Supercluster and New Sound of Numbers, and AJ Griffin is a member of Circulatory System and Olivia Tremor Control.’