Lunchbox at This is Book’s Music

Lunchbox changed their name to Birds Of California, and then decided they wanted to revert back to Lunchbox again. If you’re into good ol’ pop with a pinch of bubblegum rock, you’ll want to pick up a box of their candy right now, which is called Lunchbox Loves You (Jigsaw). The songs sound like innocent-yet-direct pop rock, the type your parents may have listened to, if not your grandparents, and while that may sound like a snappy joke, it isn’t. Take to heart the music of Big Star, The Monkees, Sleater-Kinney, and The Fastbacks, and throw in a daring Velvet Underground tendency and you’ll get what Lunchbox are trying to envelope themsleves in: hints of the good stuff and a layer of darkness they want to throw in when no one is paying attention. Except you, you get it.