Lunchbox at Big Takeover

If you find this Lunchbox in your knapsack, I guarantee there won’t be any leftovers to bring home to mom. The mostly Donna McKean fronted Oakland outfit splashes a dense, buzzing cornucopia of jangly guitars (not to mention other accouterments, including the flute) against a bubblegum flavored canvas. If an unremitting cavalcade of in the… Continue reading Lunchbox at Big Takeover

Lunchbox at Power Popaholic

Oakland, California duo Tim Brown and Donna McKean are Lunchbox. The band is very much in the style of Apples in Stereo with its twee vocals and compact bubblegum melodies. Starting with “Everybody Knows” it sets up the sound with multi-layered harmonies and instrumentation, next “Tom, What’s Wrong” is like a teenage poem with its… Continue reading Lunchbox at Power Popaholic

Lunchbox at This is Book’s Music

Lunchbox changed their name to Birds Of California, and then decided they wanted to revert back to Lunchbox again. If you’re into good ol’ pop with a pinch of bubblegum rock, you’ll want to pick up a box of their candy right now, which is called Lunchbox Loves You (Jigsaw). The songs sound like innocent-yet-direct pop rock,… Continue reading Lunchbox at This is Book’s Music

Lunchbox at Neufutur

After more than a decade off, the Berkley power pop band Lunchbox is back with what is easily their finest collection of songs. A little goofy, but immensely fun, Lunchbox Loves You is 10 indie pop songs brimming with jangly guitars, sing-along choruses and plenty of handclaps. Infectiously optimistic, the band has slimmed down the… Continue reading Lunchbox at Neufutur

Lunchbox at Get it On Vinyl

When it comes to indie-pop, there seems to be two avenues in which an artist can approach the genre. Some opt for deep sentiments and lyrical content, covering it with airy vocals and guitars with excessive reverb. Others give into the sound and their lyrics are more carefree, their subject matter shallower. While both have… Continue reading Lunchbox at Get it On Vinyl

Lunchbox at El Planeta Amarillo

LUNCHBOX son un dúo de Oakland (California) formado por Tim Brown y Donna McKean (ambos miembros de HARD LEFT) que publicaron varios álbumes entre 1996 y 2002, en diferentes sellos como Magic Marker o 555 Recordings, y es ahora Jigsaw quién les publica su nuevo trabajo, formado por diez formidables canciones de bubblegum pop de… Continue reading Lunchbox at El Planeta Amarillo

Lunchbox at Did Not Chart

It seems too strong to say that Lunchbox have been written out of history simply because they were never in it. They wouldn’t have existed without Rocketship – whose jubilant keyboards and punchy guitar riffs inform Lunchbox’s moves – who themselves haven’t even got into the history books. But Lunchbox Loves You, their 5th album,… Continue reading Lunchbox at Did Not Chart

Lunchbox at Whisperin and Hollerin

This lovely blood red vinyl arrived with a press release stating that due to Jigsaw Records’ unorthodox practices this album doesn’t have a fancy Press release. So I have decided to review this album using the unorthodox practice of entirely making up my own fictitious back story for Lunchbox and the album Lunchbox Loves you… Continue reading Lunchbox at Whisperin and Hollerin

Lunchbox at babysue

Cool underground guitar pop from Seattle, Washington’s Lunchbox. The folks in this band eventually changed their name to Birds of California…but then opted to change their name back to Lunchbox. Smart move…cuz we love the band name (it sure fits the music). There’s so much overprocessed music in the world today. Perhaps that’s why the tunes on this album are so… Continue reading Lunchbox at babysue