Lunchbox at Get it On Vinyl

When it comes to indie-pop, there seems to be two avenues in which an artist can approach the genre. Some opt for deep sentiments and lyrical content, covering it with airy vocals and guitars with excessive reverb. Others give into the sound and their lyrics are more carefree, their subject matter shallower. While both have their place, we prefer the later, and their in lies the appeal of Lunchbox.

For those unfamiliar with Lunchbox, as we were, the band hails from Oakland, CA and is fronted by both guitarist Tim Brown and bassist Donna McKean.Lunchbox Loves You is the bands third full length, after a name change (Bird of California) and back to Lunchbox.

Lunchbox Loves You is full of all kinds of sugary goodies including carefree vocals, jangly guitars and light-hearted songs that are easy to enjoy.

While it would be easy simply to call this a indie-pop record, its clear by the end of the first few tracks that there are multiple influences at play. Tracks like “Tom, What’s Wrong” have the feeling of 60’s girl group including subtle overdubs and swing beats. At times, psychedelia elements come into play; “Will You Be True” features Brown on lead vocals. While they are right on time, they seem buried, almost as if they are coming in on a satellite delay from a distant spaceship. The clarity comes at the end when everything seems to find their volume level and timing and for a brief moment borders on absolute beauty.

The B-side opens the door to more instrumentation which saves the album from diving into monotony. Along with a flute melody on “I Go Mad,” the changes keep coming with the uptempo “Give a Little Love.” The track is an old-school rock track with plenty of “doo doos” and hum along grooves. While the lyric content reaches its simplest (rhyming sad with glad) the track is solid and one of the best on the album.

Closing out the LP is perhaps the biggest surprise. “Tonight is Out of Sight” concludes the LP with an intense punk style jam. While it comes completely out of left field, it somehow seems to close the album out well, demonstrating that we have not heard all of the tricks that Lunchbox has to offer.

The Vinyl
Released on Jigsaw Records, the record is pressed on transparent red wax and includes a full color insert and digital download. You can order your copy from your local independent record store or directly from Jigsaw Records.