Lunchbox at Performer

Lunchbox, or Tim and Donna to their friends, have unleashed a pretty rad collection of tracks that will satisfy any crate-digger looking for nuggets of pure, unadulterated noise-pop goodness. The leadoff track, “Heaven,” is a wonderfully fuzzed-out garage classic, oozing with a sugary-sweet melody and shoegaze-approved guitars. More so than their previous releases, Smash Hits… Continue reading Lunchbox at Performer

Lunchbox at In Love With These Times, In Spite of These Times

Lunchbox “Paws of Destiny” Oh me, oh my. As we remarked of their comeback album on Jigsaw Records last year, Lunchbox really have a way with tunes. Melodies simply abound: little ones, big ones, huge ones, snaking in and out everywhere. And on their ace six-track “Smash Hits” EP, also on Jigsaw, they’ve upped their… Continue reading Lunchbox at In Love With These Times, In Spite of These Times

Lunchbox at Magnet

Lunchbox is a garage-rock band that made a comeback last year with Lunchbox Loves You. Its new release is called Smash Hits, a fiery and quick lo-fi EP for fans of Joyce Manor. “Heaven” is heavy on distortion and hooks. Download it below. [Link]

Lunchbox, Moon Types at Linear Tracking Lives!

Today’s vacation shot is of Devils Punch Bowl in Otter Rock, Oregon. It’s a beautiful stretch of beach known for great whale watching and surfing. During low tide, the tide pools and rocks make for some fascinating investigation, but you don’t want to be around the bowl during high tide. The water churns and foams… Continue reading Lunchbox, Moon Types at Linear Tracking Lives!

Lunchbox at Fear and Loathing

Seattle’s Jigsaw Records has begun an onslaught of catchy and idiosyncratic 7″ vinyl and full-length releases. I just got hip to their stylish and wayward celebration of independent music. With an ethos similar to early indie upstarts Beserkley and Stiff Records, the label is crossing boundaries while bringing back focus and fun to the scattered… Continue reading Lunchbox at Fear and Loathing