Lunchbox at Magnet

Tim Brown and Donna McKean recently started a new band called Hard Left, but before that, they were Lunchbox. And now they’re back. Lunchbox has just released second LP Lunchbox Loves You via Jigsaw Records. “Give A Little Love,” a single from the new album, is dream pop at its core, equipped with “do do do”s and “oh oh… Continue reading Lunchbox at Magnet

Lunchbox at Big Takeover

Having changed their name back to Lunchbox after releasing an album as Bird of California last year on Jigsaw, the Oakland, CA-based duo of Tim Brown andDonna McKean (both members of Hard Left) finally release their third full-length release under their proper moniker. Lunchbox Loves You draws heavily from the psychedelic soft pop Nuggets of the ’60s where each song cheerfully jaunts through the… Continue reading Lunchbox at Big Takeover

Lunchbox at The Vinyl District

Dating all the way back to 1994, Berkeley, CA’s Lunchbox is the work of two constant participants, guitarist-songwriter Tim Brown and bassist Donna McKean (they share vocal duties); after overcoming obstacles and reclaiming their original name, Lunchbox Loves You serves as their return. Those expecting a simple recapitulation of past glories should be pleasantly surprised by the growth Brown… Continue reading Lunchbox at The Vinyl District

Lunchbox at The Finest Kiss

Oakland, California’s Lunchbox fluctuate between calling themselves Birds of California and Lunchbox. Who cares what they call themselves when they make records this good. Lunchbox Loves You is full of sugary pop that is guaranteed to put a skip in your step. They hit a number of classic 90’s indiepop reference points including Stereolab, Apples… Continue reading Lunchbox at The Finest Kiss

Lunchbox at SeeSound

Chris McFarlane of Jigsaw Records was totally thrilled to be able to release the debut Birds Of California album, since he was a big fan of Lunchbox. So, you can imagine Chris’s glee when Tim Brown & Donna McKean told him they were changing their name BACK to Lunchbox, and asked if Jigsaw would release… Continue reading Lunchbox at SeeSound

Lunchbox at Austin Town Hall

After a brief name change to Birds of California, Lunchobx has returned to their name sake in order to release a brand new album, said to be their best in their 15+ year career.  Their working with Jigsaw Records to release Lunchbox Loves You, which will hit the world running on August 12th.  The song moves along with a raucous bit… Continue reading Lunchbox at Austin Town Hall