Lunchbox at Across The Kitchen Table

Yesterday Dougie the postie arrived at the door with a record from the US which I thought was strange as I wasn’t waiting for anything from there!

I opened it up and found a record by a band I had never heard of with a note.

“Hi There

You are receiving a copy of the new Lunchbox album titled “Lunchbox Loves You”. courtesy of Jigsaw Records and Crashing through publicity. Due to the unorthodox practices of Jigsaw, we do not have a fancy press sheet to show you. Instead, we just have this great record and the links below. Thanks for your time!”

I was curious as I hadn’t heard of the band before but Mike at Crashing Through Publicity had sent me the Luxembourg Signal single and a few other albums which I haven’t gotten round to reviewing. So last night I put the bright red vinyl on the turntable and gave it a listen.

The music is nothing radical new but if you like lo-fi indie pop, especially of the mid 90s variety then this will be right up your street.

I decided to have a look further into the band and it appears that this is the duo of Tim Brown and Donna McKean’s ¬†second album ¬†and first since 1999. Not sure what they have been doing for all of that time but for a part of it the formed a “fuzz-pop supergroup” with Mike Shulman of Slumberland Records and Stewart Anderson of Boyracer fame, called Hard Left.

You should give it a go. Here is the lead track off of the album.