Witching Waves at Magnet

Witching Waves is about to drop Crystal Cafe on February 26, and to celebrate, we have a stream and download of their new track “Twister.” It’s a really cool post-punk song with a loud, siren0-like guitar steering the ship, so check it out below. [Link]

Halfsour at Magnet

Halfsour has just released new record Tuesday Night Live, and you need to hear it. Listen to the Beat Happening-esque “I.K.” below, a shambling, loud garage track that should be perfect for a weekend drive. Be sure to check out Tuesday Night Live as well, out now on Jigsaw Records. [Link]

Great Lakes at Magnet

Great Lakes hail from Brooklyn and have just released new record Wild Vision. MAGNET’s got you covered if you’re a newbie to Great Lakes, since today we’re offering a free download and stream of “Bird Flying.” A dark and spinning rock tune, “Bird Flying” is the perfect introduction to the band’s intimate-yet-psychedelic style. Check it out… Continue reading Great Lakes at Magnet

Mark Van Hoen at Magnet

Los Angeles-based, U.K.-born electronic pioneer Mark Van Hoen (who you might know from some of his work as Locust, Scala, Black Hearted Brother or one of the other 100 projects over the last 30 years) has released new album Nightvision on Saint Marie Records. Van Hoen compiled a video mix tape of inspirations and a bit of… Continue reading Mark Van Hoen at Magnet

SPC ECO at Magnet

The brainchild of Dean Garcia (Curve)—has just released a new album called Dark Matter, and today MAGNET has a free preview of opening track “Creep In The Shadows.” The track is brooding and dripping with electronics, with Rose Berlin’s vocoder-heavy vocal performance showcasing the subtle tension of the song. [Link]

Antlered Aunt Lord at Magnet

Antlered Aunt Lord hails from Athens, Ga., and is preparing for the release of new LP Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (And On Fire) on November 20. Today, MAGNET’s got a free download of dynamic track “Hi Beam Hi Priest (Blinker Fluid),” a song that starts out as a muted electronic head bobber and explodes into full-on fuzz… Continue reading Antlered Aunt Lord at Magnet

Mark Van Hoen at Magnet

Mark Van Hoen’s latest record is called Nightvision, and “I Love To Fly” seems to indicate that this title is more than apt. The new song from this L.A.-based artist is almost perfectly prepped for the less intense moments of ‘80s horror movies. The track is perfect for the lead up to Halloween—the electronic landscape only permeated… Continue reading Mark Van Hoen at Magnet