Hobbes Fanclub at Magnet

The Hobbes Fanclub, out of Northern England, has just released debut album Up At Language via Shelflife Records. Singer/guitarist Leon Carroll started the band solo, releasing two splits in 2008. Not long after those singles, Carroll gathered a few friends and filled the rhythm section.”Stay Gold,” the first  single off the new album, packs quite an indie-pop punch. The bass line… Continue reading Hobbes Fanclub at Magnet

Luxembourg Signal at Magnet

Made up of previous members of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars, the Luxembourg Signal readies for release of debut album on September 30. “We Go On,” the first single off the LP, is a dream-pop hit. Its soothing vocals add to the melodies and subtle electronics throughout the track, making for a smooth trip. Download the song below. [Link]

Lunchbox at Magnet

Tim Brown and Donna McKean recently started a new band called Hard Left, but before that, they were Lunchbox. And now they’re back. Lunchbox has just released second LP Lunchbox Loves You via Jigsaw Records. “Give A Little Love,” a single from the new album, is dream pop at its core, equipped with “do do do”s and “oh oh… Continue reading Lunchbox at Magnet

Eureka California at Magnet

Jake Ward’s Eureka California is a fast, hard-hitting rock band that is actually not from Eureka, Calif. Originally from Raleigh, N.C., but later transplanted in Athens, Ga., the duo is just now releasing its second album in 18 months, Crunch, which is filled to the brim with two-minute-long garage/punk tirades. Download album track “Happy Again” and Guided By… Continue reading Eureka California at Magnet