SPC ECO at Get It On Vinyl

It really seems like SPC ECO can do no wrong. Having reviewed them a couple of times on this site before, we always know we are going to enjoy whatever comes our way from the band. SPC ECO (vocalist Rose Berlin and multi-instrumentalist Dean Garcia) have a unique way of re-inventing themselves with every release,… Continue reading SPC ECO at Get It On Vinyl

SPC ECO at Pop Monitor

Ende November erschien Dark Matter – das siebte Album der englischen Shoegaze-Band SPC ECO. Exklusiv für Popmonitor hat Ex-CURVE-Member und Multi-Instrumentalist DEAN GARCIA die neuen Songs kommentiert und einen Vorspann verfasst… We are very of the moment when we record and write. We prefer to keep with something that has a certain feeling and mood… Continue reading SPC ECO at Pop Monitor


Dark Matter is the new album from duoSPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) out now on Saint Marie Records. SPC ECO are the brainchild of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve), while he crafts soundscapes singer Rose Berlin croons, aches, and endlessly laments about entire uncharted inner worlds above them. Today, we have the premiere for their… Continue reading Untitled

Try the Pie, Antlered Auntlord, SPC ECO at Examiner

Try the Pie Try The Pie is Bean Tupou’s labor of love. With the highly regarded Domestication under her belt Tupou has released – Rest – a collection of songs from 2005 – 2008. The 13 self-recorded tracks allow listeners to partake in Tupou’s music at the embryonic level. The tunes are stripped down to… Continue reading Try the Pie, Antlered Auntlord, SPC ECO at Examiner

SPC ECO at Magnet

The brainchild of Dean Garcia (Curve)—has just released a new album called Dark Matter, and today MAGNET has a free preview of opening track “Creep In The Shadows.” The track is brooding and dripping with electronics, with Rose Berlin’s vocoder-heavy vocal performance showcasing the subtle tension of the song. [Link]

Mark Van Hoen, SPC ECO at Fear and Loathing

The world can be a very bizarre, very loud place at times. The insane volume of the current year’s unimpressive conclusions mixed with the annoying murmur of lives in motion, cars starting in the morning, empty laughter on lunch breaks, and meaningless chatter that booms within the walls of happy hour every day. December comes… Continue reading Mark Van Hoen, SPC ECO at Fear and Loathing

SPC ECO at New Noise

From the mastermind behind the ’90s band Curve, comes SPC ECO (pronounced “Space Echo”) and a brand-new, highly limited vinyl release. With just 250 vinyl copies floating around, Dark Matter is sure to sell out fast, especially if you’re a fan of meticulously crafted ambient sound scapes, sultry female vocals and a wispy, loungey feel.… Continue reading SPC ECO at New Noise