Eureka California at Fear & Loathing

Eureka California’s Versus is the underground breakthrough album this decade has been waiting for. Clever and cunning in its deconstruction of personal ambition and self-destruction, a ringing distorted blast of cerebral rock smashes and scorches its way through dead-end jobs, insidious self-doubt, the dumbing down of our population, and bureaucratic hypocrisy we all endure every… Continue reading Eureka California at Fear & Loathing

Great Lakes / Witching Waves at Fear & Loathing

Witching Waves – Crystal Cafe (HHBTM Records) Witching Waves bash the bleak mid-decade slump with raging pristine minimalism and slithery post-punk tunefulness on their latest creation Crystal Cafe. This album grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. The pounding tribal punk beats, chunky bass lines, and scratched fuzz guitar lay the foundation for… Continue reading Great Lakes / Witching Waves at Fear & Loathing

Antlered Aunt Lord at Fear and Loathing

Video in motion, prisoners of our own electronic devices, the dull thud of a door closing, and the nervous shudder of one opening create unusual monsters in our imagination. There’s nothing more beautiful than a twenty-four hour establishment, reliable availability is so hard to find in an age of face-time dating and inconsistent suspicion. You… Continue reading Antlered Aunt Lord at Fear and Loathing

Antlered Auntlord at Raised By Gypsies

One of the things which struck me about this sound right away, listening to it from the moment I pressed play, was that Antlered Aunt Lord reminds me a lot of the band Dynamite Hack.   I’m not sure whatever happened to Dynamite Hack and, no, I’m not going to look it up though I… Continue reading Antlered Auntlord at Raised By Gypsies

Lunchbox at Fear and Loathing

Seattle’s Jigsaw Records has begun an onslaught of catchy and idiosyncratic 7″ vinyl and full-length releases. I just got hip to their stylish and wayward celebration of independent music. With an ethos similar to early indie upstarts Beserkley and Stiff Records, the label is crossing boundaries while bringing back focus and fun to the scattered… Continue reading Lunchbox at Fear and Loathing

Blindness at Fear & Loathing

Wrapped in Plastic wraps its smooth electro legs around you with an impulsive sexual ferocity.  Like a mind blowing encounter with a mysterious woman you met a day ago that has to abruptly leave to catch her flight home. She obviously didn’t tell you her secret and you’re too caught up in the stranglehold-high to… Continue reading Blindness at Fear & Loathing