Lunchbox at POP! Stereo

I’m not 100% sure Lunchbox’s single Smash Hits does indeed contain any actual smash hits but what it does contain is a shambolic romp through the indie rock and pop canon. Frenetic, noisy, and a bit chaotic Smash Hits is an energetic and noisy amalgamation of sloppy guitars, geeky vocals, and hooks the size of Texas. The whole things sounds like it might just spin off the 7” and break apart but Lunchbox manage to hold it all together for the six songs that make up this record.


Smash Hits is messy fun. It’s jumpy, hyper and is obviously fueled by a bit of pop ADHD. It’s all over the place musically but the melodies are as strong as steel and they rope your ears in. Lunchbox may bash their way through this record but I bet you remember at least one riff or chorus for days. Smash Hits is good stuff and it’s proof positive that good things do come in small packages.