Thee Koukouvaya at Indiessance

As a kid, I learned homekeys from a typewriting textbook. Then wrote some sci-fi shorts inspired by pulp fiction featured in Omni Magazine and Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. One of my stories was published in the high school’s literary magazine. The previous year, I wrote Don’t Underestimate Sour Meat, which was shown to the editor, but may have been too controversial to publish.

What I did with story-scapes, the experimental electronic band Thee Koukouvaya¬†does with soundscapes. Building environments with sonic elements for the imagination to discover and explore. Melodies, chords and sonic patterns resonating with quantum particles in carbon-based life forms. New soundscapes from Thee Koukouvaya’s latest album titled This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death have been listed and described below with words.

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