Antlered Aunt Lord at Performer

If the reports are to be believed, then AAL’s Jesse Stinnard is either a bizarre genius that Athens has been hiding for the past decade, or an equally bizarre manifestation of said genius’s cosmic brain waves. Er, where was I? Oh yes, the new vinyl release by this “band” from Athens. Well, let’s not bury… Continue reading Antlered Aunt Lord at Performer

Lunchbox at Performer

Lunchbox, or Tim and Donna to their friends, have unleashed a pretty rad collection of tracks that will satisfy any crate-digger looking for nuggets of pure, unadulterated noise-pop goodness. The leadoff track, “Heaven,” is a wonderfully fuzzed-out garage classic, oozing with a sugary-sweet melody and shoegaze-approved guitars. More so than their previous releases, Smash Hits… Continue reading Lunchbox at Performer

Moon Types at Performer

Well, it ain’t ABBA, but Stockholm has finally produced something else equally amazing for my earballs. Kicking off with Bell and Sebastian-like ’verby vocals and trumpet, “Know The Reason” is a cute, jangly stab at pop immortality. You know how sometimes you just hear that one song – that ONE melody that cuts you to… Continue reading Moon Types at Performer

Presents for Sally at Performer

Lost in atmospheric euphoria is where you will find yourself when listening to Presents For Sally’s latest release, Colours & Changes. The album itself is rooted in spacey guitars, swelling feedback and echoing vocals. There is ample room to breath, and the album feels befitting of a long move away from home. “Anything Anymore” succeeds… Continue reading Presents for Sally at Performer