Moon Types at Performer

Well, it ain’t ABBA, but Stockholm has finally produced something else equally amazing for my earballs. Kicking off with Bell and Sebastian-like ’verby vocals and trumpet, “Know The Reason” is a cute, jangly stab at pop immortality. You know how sometimes you just hear that one song – that ONE melody that cuts you to the bone? This is one of those rare tracks, existing in an odd bubble of timelessness that won’t pin it to any specific era, while still sounding contemporarily refreshing.

The track has a vague country tinge to it, which definitely gives it more of an American feel than a European one (a good thing, in our completely unbiased American opinion). And clocking in at 2:47, it even has the perfect pop song length. What more could you want?

The 7-inch also features two more fine cuts, so there’s no way we can’t recommend this wholeheartedly. Wait for it to rain, pull this out of its sleeve, and drop the needle.