Mark Van Hoen at Under the Radar

Today, we’re pleased to premiere the video for “Bring It Back,” the latest from influential electronic composerMark Van Hoen (Seefeel, Black Hearted Brother, Scala, Locust, etc.). “Bring It Back” was taken from the albumNightvision, which is set for a November 13 release on Saint Marie. Below, you can watch the clip and check out upcoming tour dates. Connecting with us over email, Van Hoen was also able to share some in-depth thoughts about the song and video:

“The video for ‘Bring It Back’ uses a combination of analog and digital techniques – much like the music itself. There are multiple layers of video, from several ‘found’ sources, some of which were also used to generate the cover artwork for the album ‘Nightvision’. The image of the owl is a reference to Jon Wozencroft’s artwork for my 1996 album ‘Last Flowers From The Darkness’, present because some of the elements of the “Bring It Back’ were recorded during the sessions for that album. My music often draws from old recordings, sometimes dating as far back as the early 80’s. There are many experiments that were good initial ideas, but were never developed into full compositions at the time. It’s good to be able to use this pool as a source for new tracks, because it’s an opportunity to revisit a time and a place quite different from my current mode of working. The music here uses an alternative tuning scale, as I commonly used in the mid 90’s and the video features modulations applied from the music via both digital means (via VDMX software) and analog (via my LZX Industries Video Synthesizer). The vocalizations (found via an amateur acapella youtube performance) along with the other elements in the music and the video are intended to invoke the feelings you may get when having an intense dream or hallucination that makes no direct sense, but has some kind of net effect on your feelings nonetheless.”