Moon Types at Bluesbunny

Sometimes I wonder what they put in the water in Stockholm. Whatever it might be, it would perhaps explain the perfect parodies of any American musical genre that bands from that city can generate. Moon Types are from Stockholm and, with the three tracks on their “Know The Reason” single, they show a certain mastery of the rocky road that runs between indie pop and folk rock.

From that comment, you can probably deduce that Moon Types are not the type of band to challenge anybody’s conceptions of anything. That said, their lightweight and easy on the ear sound makes the most of any and all available melody and with the wistful male and female voices working hard at avoiding stridency, their songs could rightfully be described as sugar coated.

Of the songs, it is no surprise that “Know The Reason” is the most commercial song here with every bar containing the distilled goodness of indie pop. “Nothing’s Holy”, on the other hand, threatens much but delivers only melancholy while “Do It All Over Again” takes the band all the way back in time to the heyday of jingle jangle American west coast folk rock.

So, while Moon Types never stray far from the straight and narrow, it can safely be said that they do what they do well.

Available on vinyl as well as a download from Bandcamp.