Lunchbox at Performer

Lunchbox, or Tim and Donna to their friends, have unleashed a pretty rad collection of tracks that will satisfy any crate-digger looking for nuggets of pure, unadulterated noise-pop goodness. The leadoff track, “Heaven,” is a wonderfully fuzzed-out garage classic, oozing with a sugary-sweet melody and shoegaze-approved guitars.

More so than their previous releases, Smash Hits features a slightly edgier sonic quality. Our favorite track is “(It’s Your) Lovesong” from Side B – it hits all the right notes any self-respecting old-school punk fan will appreciate, and it does it all in the span of about two minutes.

The tracks on Smash Hits are short, but that’s probably a good thing. The EP’s runtime of about 12 minutes provides just enough of a jolt to perk you up without overstaying its welcome. Highly recommended.